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ASTER Project : Progress and Technical Reports

Workpackage 2.1 : FLUIDBOX development

Une methode de type distributive employant des elements discontinus pour le calcul d'ecoulements avec choc (Remi Abgrall)

Numerical simulation of unsteady MHD flows and applications (Robin Huard)

Workpackage 2.2 : JOREK development

Report on the implementation of bi-cubic Bezier finite elements in the JOREK code (Guido Huysmans)

Implementation of an iterative solver in the non-linear MHD code JOREK (Guido Huysmans)

Implementating full MHD equations in nonlinear code JOREK (E. van der Plas)

Equilibrium Flows in Non-linear MHD Simulations of X-point Plasmas (S. Pamela et G. Huysmans)

Workpackage 3 : AMR method based on numerical implicit schemes

Using adaptive structured meshes for MHD equations (Guillaume Latu)

ANR CIS06 Reports

Midterm reports

Coordinator (Guido Huysmans)

CEA partner

INRIA partner